Restylane Night Cream 50ml

Restylane Night Cream 50ml




Restylane® Night Cream is a facial cream suitable for all skin types. Containing the unique lipid structure DMS, it has a biological affinity to the skin itself, thereby strengthening the natural skin barrier. The addition of stabilized hyaluronic acid, produced by using the NASHATM technology, enhances the longlasting moisturising effect of the cream. Restylane Night Cream contains therapeutic doses of active ingredients (Glycyrrhetinic Acid and Avena Sativa Kernel Extract) which reduce inflammatory processes in the skin.

Inflammations are considered to be the main culprit behind extrinsic ageing processes. Key ingredients Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid Glycyrrhetinic Acid Avena Sativa Kernel Extract – having anti-inflammatory and anti-irriation properties