Blepharoplasty restores a natural, more youthful shape to the eyelids by removing the excess skin and fat that cause hooding of the eyelid bags and make the eyes look tired.

Using detailed techniques, the upper eyelid is reshaped and the protruding fat pad are removed or repositioned to their natural place.

In the lower eyelid, excess skin and fat is also removed if needed. If there is a depression running from the inner corner of the eye to the cheek, also known as “tear trough deformity”, it can also be corrected by repositioning the fat of the area with cautious to avoid a hollow appearance. If ectropion is diagnosed before the surgery it can be corrected together with the blepharoplasty surgery.

The procedure is done in an outpatient basis and light activities can begin the next day. Within 1-2 weeks everyday activities can commence regularly. The appearance of the eyes is improving gradually until 6 after the surgery.

Skin care and sun protection is necessary during the recovery period.

Results are long-term and you will feel and look 6-8 years younger.

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  • Name Blepharoplasty
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